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 The Carolina Community Intervention Program | CCIP | A Charlotte Non Profit Organization

 CCIP provides a variety of services in Charlotte, NC including, but not limited to;

GED Assistance | Bus Passes| Resume Writing | Job Referral | Job Placements | Social Services
CCIP works to enhance and improve the quality of live in the Carolinas by providing services to individuals such as ex-offenders, unwed mothers, high school dropouts and the homeless and generally assisting individuals to change their circumstances thereby improving their quality of Life.  In addition, we provide direct services to individuals by representing them in local companies & agencies and personally interceding on their behalf for employment positions.   We provide assistance with procurement of services and coordinating assistance from various government agencies.
Coming soon, CCIP hopes to offer on site emergency Child Care Services with a complete playground and Children’s Park for all applicants in need.  We also hope to provide hot meals served daily to Charlotte’s growing homeless population and other needy individuals.  We further envision a complete education facility, and the development of a Leadership Training Academy. 

CCIP also offers kids a chance to participate in sports.  We have football, basketball, baseball and track teams.  Our athletes compete against other youth here in the Charlotte, Mecklenburg area.  And as for our track team, we currently compete on the AAU Level against other track teams in and outside of North Carolina.  We provide the top notch coaching and training that will prepare your children for an exciting life of health and fitness.

Presently CCIP’s application for services is accessible via the internet for greater convenience to those in need…

Note:  The Uniform Crime Reports homicide rate has been relatively stable in recent years. Young adults age 18 to 24 experience the highest homicide rates

Youth Report Update:

 Reference: Department of Justice, retrieved from, retrieved on Dec 23, 2008

  • According to the Department of Justice youth male/female are becoming repeat offenders at an alarming rate, thus the need for federal funding to build more correction centers. The department of Education reports the drop out rate is reaching epidemic proportions. A person without a high School diploma will be more likely to obtain a minimum wage job as opposed to a career. Poverty coupled with a high drop-out rate invariably leads to high crime rates for this demographic.

     The 272,111 offenders discharged in 1994 accounted for nearly 4,877,000 arrest charges over their recorded careers.

    • Within 3 years of release, 2.5% of released rapists were rearrested for another rape, and 1.2% of those who had served time for homicide were arrested for a new homicide.
    • Sex offenders were less likely than non-sex offenders to be rearrested for any offense –– 43 percent of sex offenders versus 68 percent of non-sex offenders.
    • Sex offenders were about four times more likely than non-sex offenders to be arrested for another sex crime after their discharge from prison –– 5.3 percent of sex offenders versus 1.3 percent of non-sex offenders. (United States Department Justice)

    Of the 272,111 persons released from prisons in 15 States in 1994, an estimated 67.5% were rearrested for a felony or serious misdemeanor within 3 years, 46.9% were re-convicted, and 25.4% re-sentenced to prison for a new crime.


    Information provided by: Stephoney Carr – CCIP Founder

    Phone: 704-777-8663



    GED Assistance | Social Services | Transitional Housing (Coming Soon!) | Bus Passes | Resume Writing | Job Referral | Job Placement

    Stephoney Carr, Minister | CCIP | Charlotte, NC | |


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